AT PYRAMID CLEANERS, we pride professional dry leaning and laundry. We have more than 16 years of dry cleaning experience and our customer service is second to none. Wheather you need your draperies or area rug cleaned, or the suade jacket, leather, and wedding gown, Pyramid Cleaners can get it done. Brows through our site and view our competetive dry cleaning and laundry pricing. You may also contact us at 818.909.0575 or complete the form on the contacts page.

The Best

Our technologically advanced, environmentally friendly plant and quality control guidelines ensure the highest quality cleaning and pressing services.. Pyramid Dry Cleaners is the kind of dry cleaner you can depend on. Our attention to details and personal care, we would like to be your dry cleaning specialists. All work is handled in our main plant, that is why we can guarantee the highest quality and service.

Main Services

We recycle

If you have your clothes dry cleaned, you most likely have many wire hangers...don't throw them in the trash! Recycle them by taking them back to the dry cleaners.

Unbeatable Savings

Do you realize how much money you could be saving with Pyramid Cleaners? Compare us to your cleaners and do the math!

Wild Wednesdays

Get new and wild deals every Wednesdays. We will offer discounts on specific items or services every wednesdays.